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EES experiences shared...

Kathy Blum - Venice, FL

"I recently enjoyed a Two Hour EES session  and I recognized many things about my body that I have conditioned myself to ignore. The experience was a feeling of things being brought to surface - the feeling of wiping my slate clean. I am so happy to have found SoulfulWaves."

Jaime Day, Sarasota

"I spent two hours in SoulfulWaves EES and felt instantly relaxed and peaceful. Being there, receiving the energy from the System… I felt like I was in a spaceless and timeless environment. I had a vision of white light that shifted into two columns of light, and soon thereafter, I saw black filaments that looked almost like particles of lead being pulled out of my body and energy field. The entire treatment felt like I was in a beautiful, deep meditation with a sense of joy in receiving this healing. I am so grateful to have experienced the EES. After the healing, I felt as if I had been given a grand release and recalibration toward a total reset. My senses were heightened and alive with great clarity. Thank you Joy and Nancy!"


-Jamie Day, MS, MFT, RDT, Creator of Divine Mommy and Author of the Soul-to-Sisterhood Book

L.V., Sarasota

“I was very sceptical about EES.  I have PMR, rheumatic condition and it seemed to have improved my condition after just (3) Two Hour Sessions. In addition, I had vivid recollections of my father that passed away 50 years ago and other seemingly dormant thoughts resurfaced.  I look forward to more EES sessions at SoulfulWaves." 
Many More Testimonials Coming!
We have had wonderful people visit SoulfulWaves in the past two weeks. Many have shared amazing experiences that we hope to share with you very soon
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