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Nancy and Joy, the founders of SoulfulWaves, created the SoulfulWaves’ Guardian Angel Fund for those  members that are currently expending most of their savings towards their long term illness medical expenses and are in financial hardship.


In many instances we have members that are suffering with a long term illness that are seeing success with their time spent in our Energy Enhancement System; however, are not able to continue with their sessions due to financial barriers.


We would like to help these people with donated hours or funds. We understand not all members are able to help contribute to this fund, but if you do have the heart and the means, please consider contributing an hour or some funds to help out.


Beginning in December, SoulfulWaves will contribute 10 hours* per month to this fund as well.


Also, if you know of an existing member that qualifies, please email their contact info. You may also make a donation to a specific qualifying member. Please email


We sincerely appreciate your support and we are sure the recipients will be incredibly grateful for any assistance they receive. Thank you and God bless.


Love and Light,

Joy and Nancy



Please note:

Our intention is to spread out the funds for several members to receive assistance, therefore to begin with, we will limit the donation to 6 hours per member. If we have the ability to increase this limit we will do so. SoulfulWaves will contribute hours each month at it's own discretion.


In addition, we will use our discretion on who qualifies for this assistance. Please only ask if you are in sincere need of help. We have the right to stop the fund for any reason.

Guardian Angel Fund

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