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Intuitive Guidance

Nancy is a messenger of Spirit and a channel of higher consciousness. During her intuitive guidance sessions either in person or by phone, she helps you align with your higher self, connects you with your spiritual guidance and provides you with sacred messages and healing on many levels. Nancy works with angel/oracle cards to help you to discover your hidden potential, influences, while providing clarity. You can set an intention, ask a specific question or receive an overall reading for your highest good. Nancy embodies compassion and unconditional love assisting you in spiritual awakening on your life’s journey.

30 Minutes: $50.00

60 Minutes: $90.00

Potential Benefits 
of Intuitive Guidance

Abstract Surface
  • Helps you align more fully with your higher self 

  • Improves clarity and direction 

  • Encourages centering and grounding 

  • Assists in clearing and transmuting energy 

  • Can be inspirational 

  • Shares divine messages 

  • Raises your vibrational frequency 

  • Promotes inner peace



If you would like to book an Intuitive Reading session, you must first sign up to become a member. Once you are a member you can call for your appointment. 


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