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quantum healing


 24 Unit System

Sister-founded SoulfulWaves is a membership-based

Humanity-Focused Energy Enhancement System (EES) Center.

Relax ~ Go Within ~ Rejuvenate in Sarasota, Florida

Image by Scott Webb

Welcome To A New Beginning

What we do… Through its immersive EES approach, SoulfulWaves leverages 5th dimension-based, scalar waves to create enhanced human energy fields to charge, rejuvenate, and self-heal cells while releasing disease-inducing toxins. 

Why it matters… The human body is simply energy stored in mass particle form (i.e. cells) yet the vast majority of today’s traditional and even alternative healing methods don’t focus on the body’s cellular energy, despite it being the epicenter for all life-enhancing healing. 

Why it’s better… As divine warriors, sister-owned SoulfulWaves believes their life’s purpose is to provide healing through cellular level energy treatments and in doing so ignite energy-healing ripples and elevated consciousness across humanity via the healing reverberation their members will radiate in the world.

A Private Membership Community

A membership is required to participate in our services. To Join, please sign up and instantly become a member, click the button below! 

Image by Milad Fakurian

SoulfulWaves is a proud member of UNIFYD healing.

All Unifyd TV Members receive 10% off EES Sessions.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Steps To: Join & Book


Step 1

Join our membership by clicking below to choose a membership and signing up to gain access to our packages. 


Step 2

Once you have joined and sign up for online access. Log into your account, you may Book your session, please follow email confirmations along the way.



205 N Orange Ave.

Suite 102

Sarasota, Florida


Tel: 855-980-9000


We have six parking spots available in front of building for appointments. If additional parking is needed, please see    parking map.

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