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  • Do you have to be a member to book a session?
    SoulfulWaves is a Private Membership Association. A ministry of hope and healing. Those wishing to visit our Center must become a member prior to booking a session. The following are the memberships we offer: Annual Membership for $25, Free One Hour EES Included! 3 Month Membership for $10 Youth Annual Membership for $10 Guest/Trial Week Membership for $5 Our services are only available to members, not to the public. Joining SoulfulWaves Membership and Booking a session needs to be completed and paid online in advance, prior to your visit.
  • Are you part of UNIFYD Healing Network and is there a UNIFYD TV Members Discount?
    Yes, SoulfulWaves is a proud member of the UNIFYD Healing Network. Yes, there is a 10% discount for all UNIFYD TV Members. You will need to show you are in good standing as a UNIFYD TV Member prior to each session for 10% off your EES sessions. 
  • How to prepare and make yourself comfortable for your EES session?
    We have reclining chairs available to make your experience as  comfortable as possible. Chairs are cleaned in between sessions. ~ Dress in layers, so that you are comfortable during your session.  ~ We recommend bringing a blanket, small pillow and sleep eye cover, socks for comfort. ~ Bring along headphones for noise cancellation. Soft meditation music will be playing with dim lighting for enhanced relaxation. ~ We recommend drinking water before, during and after your sessions and remaining hydrated. Bathroom facilities are available. ~We recommend eating a light meal prior to your session. ~You may bring a snack. However, no food is allowed in EES space. ~After your session we highly recommend taking a sea salt bath to help with the overall detoxification process and inner healing.  ~We recommend walking after sitting for periods of time. This is encouraged as part of living a healthy lifestyle.
  • What should I expect during and EES session?
    Sessions begin by getting comfortable in one of our ten lounge chairs within our EES Space. You will see screens that are symmetrically aligned in each corner of the room, creating bio-scalar energy fields. You should find it very peaceful and natural to want to unwind and go within. Being in this high frequency environment promotes deep meditation, but many gently fall off to sleep. Each experience is unique, your body’s innate wisdom will know what is best and needed for you. Some have noticed subtle vibrations or tingles within their body, others have felt energized and rejuvenated; all benefits of self-healing on a cellular level.
  • How long are sessions and how many are recommended?
    Dr. Sandra Michaels recommends the more consecutive sessions the better results. We offer one hour, two hours, and four-hour sessions. Overnight sessions will be available. Please see schedule to book ahead.
  • Should I drink water before the EES session?
    Yes, according to EES Systems it is best to drink water before, during and after each session?
  • Do I need to do anything special after my EES Session?
    In addition to drinking water and staying hydrated, according to EES Systems, it is very important to take a dead sea salt bath after your EES session. If you are lucky enough to be in Sarasota, you can swim in the Gulf's salt water after your session! We will have salt bags that you can take with you, available at the SoulfulWaves Center. If you can't take a full body bath they recommend a dead sea salt foot bath.
  • What are some of the reported benefits of EES?
    People have reported an increase in feeling calm, peaceful and happy. ~Improved abilities to deal with stress, staying focused and being in the present. ~An increase in energy and physical stamina. ~Improved sleep ~improved immune function ~decrease in pain and inflammation ~deep sense of relaxation ~improved skin appearance and texture ~balance of emotions
  • Do I need to bring anything to my session?
    You should bring a covered water bottle so you can stay hydrated during your session. We do have water dispenser and cups if you forget or need to refill.
  • Can you give medical advice?
    We cannot give medical advice or make any medical claims. Please go to page for clinical trials and EES testimonials on
  • Is there parking available?
    Onsite Parking and free public parking is available during your session. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your session. Our parking spaces are available for session times only so that our next clients will have parking available. See parking map. Overnight parking available
  • Do you offer pet sessions?
    We have specific times available for you to bring your dog. You will need to bring a leash, pet pad, water bowl, bed/ blanket, or cage. Whatever is most relaxing for your dog.
  • Can I bring my phone or other electronic devices in with me during my EES session?
    Unfortunately, it is not recommended, nor do we allow members to bring in their electronic devices. If you or someone you may bring in has a special need or a minor that may need a device, we sometimes have a special hour that we could allow devices to assist in the session. Call before booking if this is the case.
  • Can I bring my child in with me during my EES session?
    Minors are welcome; however, they do need to become members to come in for an EES session. Youth Annual Memberships are $10 and we offer a 50% discount for the session. If minors are booking into an adult session they must be accompanied by an adult and they each will be in separate chairs. The minor must be able to sit quietly during the session. (Yes, they may get up to leave to go to the restroom :-). Please note that if the child/minor is disturbing any member within the EES session, the parent/guardian and minor will be asked to step out. Please call and ask about our Youth EES session if your child is more active and would not be able to sit still for the entire session. Thank you!
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