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Follow Steps Below To

See Pricing and To Purchase:​

1. Existing Members SIGN IN to Your Account or

    If New, Choose MEMBERSHIP HERE (then Sign In)

     New members see note below.

2. Once Signed In, Go To STORE To See Pricing

3. Once In Store, See X2 Promotion Pakages

4. Select Package and Follow Steps To Check Out

New Members:

Please note: Memberships are taking up to 10 minutes to process, so please wait before going to the Store to purchase packages.

Buy One EES Hour and Get One Free,

Buy Two Get Two Free, Buy Four Get Four Free

and So On….


This won’t last long….One Week Only….


Wait…. we will Double that too!

For Two Weeks You Can Purchase and Receive Double The Hours!


You must purchase by September 26th.

You must be a member to purchase.

Discounts based on standard one hour pricing ($60).

Purchase limit of 20 hours per member.

Discounts have already been applied to this special.

No additional discounts can be applied.


Units have arrived and installation will be very soon.

We will update you on the status.

We love our 12 unit system and

we are going to love our 24 just as much!

Special Discounts

20% EES Discount

Veterans and Active Military

10% EES Discount 


50% EES Discount

Under 18

Please email or call 855-980-9000

for discount codes to use at checkout. You will be asked to provide relevant information to receive discount.

Membership Pricing

Annual Membership           $25.00      Includes Free One Hour EES Session

3 Month Membership        $10.00

One Week Trial / Guest      $ 5.00

Youth / Under 18               $10.00     Includes Free One Hour EES Session

                                                          (Must be accompanied by parent or guardian,                                                                           who is also a member).

Please click below to sign up with email and to purchase a membership.

EES Pricing

You must join to be able to book an EES Session.

EES Sessions are booked in hours, you will be able to select One, Two, Three or Four Hour EES sessions. Night Time EES sessions available upon approval. 

Four hour sessions only booked by calling 855-980-9000.

Please note that EES Sessions are listed as Classes. 


EES Price Per Hour:

One Hour EES Session      $ 60.00

Two Hour EES Session      $120.00

EES Discount Packages:

4 Hour EES Session Package     $228.00

8 Hour EES Session Package     $432.00

16 Hour EES Session Package   $768.00

20 Hour EES Session Package.  $900.00

Discount     5%

Discount    10%

Discount    20%

Discount    25%

Important Information:

Great news!. When you purchase an EES Discount Package you may now use the hours anyway you would like. For example, if you purchase a 20 hour package to receive the 25% discount, you may use those hours for One, Two, Three or Four Hour EES Sessions, whatever you choose. In this example, if you chose to book a three hour session, 3 hours will be deducted from the 20, leaving 17 hours remaining in your account for future EES bookings. Another new feature, is that you are now able to share package hours with other linked immediate family members. You may do so under your Account Profile.

Reiki Pricing

Reiki Appointments are booked by calling SoulfulWaves directly at 855-980-9000.


60 Minute Appointment      $80.00

90 Minute Appointment.     $110.00

Intuitive Guidance Pricing

30 Minute Appointment      $50.00

60 Minute Appointment.     $90.00

Intuitive Guidance Appointments are booked by calling SoulfulWaves directly at 855-980-9000.

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