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New Features and Tips


The following are the Features of our New Booking Software:


New Feature: Flexible Booking

The best feature of this software is to allow members to book EES sessions for any duration when using your EES discount packages.


For example, if you purchase a 4 Hour EES Discount package you may now book any EES Session duration that you choose. For a one, two, three or four hour session. (You no longer have to purchase the exact package that you want to book) As with our current software, when you book a session the remaining hours stay in your account, so you can book another session in the future. However, this new software tracks what you have used in 1 Hour increments and shows you how many 1 hour sessions you have remaining.

Tip: Please note that this software could use the word "Classes" or "Sessions" during the Booking process. They are the same.          You must book within 12 hours of each session/class.

New Feature: Family Sharing

You may now add/link members of your family to your account to share discount packages and for those that do not have an email address. You are also now able to Link family accounts and Share your discount packages with those that are linked in your profile. We will follow-up more details on how to do set this up.

Tip: Go to My Profile Tab, you will see box "+Family Member" click to add family members and fill out required fields, remember to click blue button on bottom right "+Create Account", this button will turn green once it has been added. You can click Overview Tab to double check to see if the members were added.


New Feature: Ability to See Spots Available

You are now able to see how many spots/chairs are available for each session. Many members come with friends and family, now you can see what session has enough chairs to fit your group before you book! When you go to the "Book Now" tab on the website, whether you are logged in or not, on the calendar you will see how many spots are available for each date and time. For example, if the class is empty you will see "10/10" under the Availability column. If 6 chairs are available, on the calendar you will see 6/10 on the date and time of this session.

Tip: The classes that are available to book have a Green "Book now" button on


New Feature: Referral Tracking

You will receive a FREE One Hour EES Session for every new member that you refer that Joins and Purchases. You are now able to ask friends to Join SoulfulWaves on our website and the software will allow the new member to type in and select the existing member in Referred By field. And if they fill out your name, you will RECEIVE a Reward equal to 100 Points. One Hour EES Session = 100 points. We will send a follow-up email to to go over the Reward details.


New Feature: Mobile App

You can now Book easily from our new SoulfulWaves Mobile App. You will receive download links on the email that will be emailed to you in the next few days.

Tip: Please do not try to use website to book from mobile phone, you must use the app.


Free Hour ~ Instructions

How to Upgrade from a 3 Month Membership to an Annual Membership:

3 month member should log in (after March 29, 2023), Click on Store in the top right menu bar. Click on Membership option that has a "U" and reads One-time Upgrade to Annual Membership. Simply follow instructions to checkout at no cost. Your free hour will be added to your account and you are now an Annual Member. Thank you.

How Annual Members Claim Free One Hour EES Session:

All Annual Members have been given their FREE Hour on their accounts. When you login to your account you will see there is 1 hour remaining under the green Annual Membership. For any questions, please email info@soulfulwaves or call 855-980-9000. Thank you.

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