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About Us

SoulfulWaves promotes the wellbeing of our community by healing and strengthening the lives of individuals through the integration of body, mind and Spirit. SoulfulWaves provides advanced scalar wave technology, holistic energy healing, and Spiritual & wellness education/workshops. A ministry of hope and healing. 

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Nancy Conroy


Nancy Conroy is a Registered Nurse and holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Boston College.  She has been working in the field of nursing for more than thirty-eight years specializing in integrative therapies, school nursing and eating disorders.  Nancy is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, Theta Healer and is an Intuitive Reader.  She has been practicing reiki for twenty-one years and incorporates reiki in her professional life, as well as her personal life.


Nancy was the founder and owner of IAM Wellbeing LLC.  At IAM Wellbeing, she focused on the application of vibrational sciences, meditation and the affirmative process. IAM Wellbeing offered wellness programs to medical facilities providing integrative healing services, such as reiki, chi gong, relaxation therapies for patients going through treatment for cancer. Through IAM Wellbeing, Nancy has offered these services to patients going through cancer treatment at DanaFarber/Brigham and Women’s Hospital Cancer Center of Milford;  Shields Radiation Oncology Center in Mansfield and South Suburban Oncology Center in Quincy.


In addition, Nancy works with patients healing from various health conditions; pre- and post-surgery and assists patients and their families in hospice care. Nancy focuses on the whole body: mind, body and spirit.  Over the past two years Nancy has offered weekly guided Zoom meditations for relaxation and healing. Moving to Sedona, Arizona had been a lifelong dream of Nancy’s and in the summer of 2019 her dream came to fruition. She moved and established IAM Wellbeing in Sedona. After spending the past three years in the high vibrational energy of Sedona, Nancy moved to Sarasota, Florida and co-founded SoulfulWaves, a Humanity-Focused Energy Enhancement Healing Center with her sister Joy. 


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Joy Voke

Joy holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bryant University. Joy’s entrepreneurial journey started in the 1997 when she co-founded a telecommunications company in Massachusetts. She was Executive Vice President for 10 years with her focus on marketing and operations. In 2007, the company sold and Joy was able to stay home with her children and run a small at home business. In 2010, the original team put together a new telecom company called 382 Communications (382). Two years later, 382 acquired The Iserv Company, a leading cloud services and managed technology company serving enterprise customers. Both 382 and Iserv are in business today and Joy serves on the Board of Directors.


Joy is not only a sister, but she is also a wife and a mother of two children and resides on Siesta Key. After years of listening and learning from her sister Nancy, Joy is raising her consciousness and expanding her spirituality on a daily basis. Enough to where the two sisters wanted to combine Joy’s business experience with Nancy’s healing abilities to create a humanity focused entity that would provide their community a place to go to be with like-minded people and to heal from the inside out. Joy’s goal is to be able to open up many EES locations and hopefully allow children a safe place to relax, meditate and to practice self-healing.

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